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Tips for writing a successful BREATHE Workshop, Performance Title & Description

Overall Considerations
  • Do not submit rough ideas. The information you enter will be used for the finalized schedule & all BREATHE promotions.

  • Do not combine multiple workshops into 1 form. Submit them individually.

  • Take the time to carefully proofread your submission.

  • Fix all spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Do not use ALL CAPS.

  • Use “your” instead of “ur”.

Tips for your Workshop Title
  • The title should be clear, concise & interesting.

  • The title should be clearly related to the workshop description.

  • In most scenarios the title should not be long.

Tips for your Workshop Description
  • The description should answer what the audience is asking:
    - What will I get out of this workshop?
    - What will it help me do or become?

  • The description should be clear and well-written.

  • The description should align with the workshop title.

Cultural Appropriation

At BREATHE, we take seriously the harmful impacts of cultural appropriation that are pervasive within festival environments. Indigenous sacred practices like yoga, chanting, drumming, native flute playing and body adornments such as bindhis and head dresses can be deeply offensive to those within the communities that birthed them. We ask that you please consider this and reflect on how to best honor and respect the traditions from which you are teaching.

Examples of Successful Workshop Titles & Descriptions

Creating from the Center: Mandala Workshop

Starting from the center, our shared eternal soul essence, we will move outward in concentric circles, creating and expressing our unique selves in shape and color. No experience needed, as guidance will be provided on a group and individual level as needed. Each participant will leave with their mandala creation as an embodiment of their unique expression and artifact of their workshop experience that can help them recreate more mandalas on their own.

Argentine Tango, the Art of Connection

Come learn Argentine Tango! Perhaps one of the most connected partner dances, tango combines the physical and the personal in a profoundly beautiful and intimate dance. No partner necessary.



Torus is a musical group composed of Paul (vocals, drums, uke) Garrett (vocals, guitar) Masin (vocals, guitar) and Scott (Bass, vocals). Our intention is to connect with people through music. We groove to the feeling of reggae, jam band, kirtan and sound journey harmony. We ask you to join us in the creation of an intentional healing music experience.

Juggling: Applied Projectile Manipulation

Juggling is so much fun! Come learn technical and creative juggling techniques and strategies. In this workshop we will start off with an introduction into juggling notation (site-swap) before exploring some funky patterns. We will be working on beginner passing patterns and more advanced individual patterns. I will also provide a brief introduction to numbers juggling and teach strategies for practicing 4,5,6,7 and more objects! This workshop will be focused primarily on ball juggling, but we can explore rings and clubs if there is interest. You should be semi-comfortable with 3 ball juggling. You don’t need to know higher numbers nor passing.

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