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The heartbeat of BREATHE

THE WEST AFRICAN DJEMBE - traditional & non-traditional


Folks should bring their djembe or dun drums if they have them. The West African djembe drum dates back to the 13th century in the great Malian Empire of West Africa. Its origins and purpose in its traditional context are inextricably tied to supporting many aspects of village life (farming, ceremonies, celebrations, social groups, etc). Outside of West Africa, it is used recreationally by millions of people who play outside of the traditional way. I came up in non-tradition, then traditional djembe found me; I have a deep reverence for both and I see the need for instruction in both. In essence, djembe is about service; to a circumstance, person, event, idea, etc. In this workshop, we will cover djembe technique (so you get the most out of the instrument), a traditional rhythm, and how to be effective and intentional in a non-traditional setting with your djembe. The workshop will be taught on djembe and dun drums.

DRUMeditation - intention is everything


Combine the sound and vibration of drumming with intention. What intention? Answer that question as you allow the vibrational power of live drumming pave the way to the place you need to go. This is what the DRUMeditation™ experience is all about. Created by Taylor, DRUMeditation™ is a combination of guided meditation and rhythmic environments in the form of drums, bells, shakers, flutes, voices, etc., by Taylor and his drum crew…resulting in a powerful trans-formative experience designed to open your mind and body, so that you may identify and be receptive to the internal and external healing you need to do.

Imagine this scene: you are lying down in a room. You are surrounded by other people lying about; drums encircle the room. As Taylor gives basic instructions, sets expectations with you and guides you into a relaxed state, the instruments create a sonic backdrop which will be the magic carpet which will help transport you. You decide how deep you go; you decide where you go and why; you decide what to do with your experience. Few leave the DRUMeditation™ experience untouched; most leave it profoundly moved.



A dynamic and enthusiastic bi-racial teacher, entrepreneur, video/recording artist, performer, founder of Holy Goat Percussion, a Tam Tam Mandingue Certified Professor and Director of the Tam Tam Mandingue-Chicago School of Djembe - Chicago School of Percussion, he has studied, performed and/or recorded with a wide range of artists and organizations from West Africa, North America, Japan, China and Europe, including members of Les Ballets Africains, Ballets Djoliba, Les Merveilles d’Afrique and Les Ballets Africains de Silimbo. 

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