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Kitchen Volunteer Team

Do you have a background in cooking, managing kitchens, feeding large groups, or are a passionate home chef, and want to share your skills with BREATHE? We are looking for a bad ass team of skilled food service crew members!

Who is the Kitchen Team?

Every year, during the days leading up to the festival, 100-150 Breathers come together at Stable Studios to rig slacklines, highlines, and the Jelly, install art installations, curate lighting and aesthetics, set up tents, stages, and so much more. While rewarding, it is time and labor-intensive, and the BREATHE Kitchen Team serves to ensure that all festival set-up crew members are well-nourished throughout these long days. This amazing team will prepare, cook, and serve “Crew Meals” for our hard-working crew during Festival set-up week (Monday - Thursday). 

Volunteering at Breathe is a great opportunity to expand your horizons.

Before applying to be a Volunteer, we ask that you take time to carefully review our mandatory Waiver and Code of Conduct.

For any inquiries please email:


Why Kitchen Team? 


  • Crew Meals started in 2019 with the mission to better support our rigging team and set-up crew members. We found that our set-up volunteers were finding it hard to break for meals, let alone prepare a meal. 

  • Last year, Crew Meals supported feeding over 100 crew members onsite during set-up week. Crew Meals is so highly appreciated by the crew and has been proven crucial for set-up operations; it is incredibly rewarding to be able to serve the community in this way!

  • Working in the kitchen, preparing food together, and working toward a common purpose for the greater BREATHE community was a wonderful way to connect with other people in a unique way.


Do you have an interest in getting more involved with the festival, and have the skills and passion for cooking, food prep, and working in a kitchen? This is a great opportunity to gain more experience in festival organizing, kitchen management, community organization, and feeding large groups.


This is the first year we are forming a fully dedicated team for Crew Meals, and we are excited to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives. 


Applicants with a background in food service, kitchen management, or other similar skills will be given priority! 



Parameters & Requirements

The parameters for this volunteer opportunity at BREATHE are somewhat unique as the work we do as a team will be completed prior to Festival-start.  Here are the requirements to consider before applying:


  • Arrive at Stable Studios, check in, set up camp, and be prepared to start working no later than 3pm Monday, July 8th, 2024.  You may arrive at Stable Studios any time after (but NOT BEFORE) 12pm Monday, July 8th.

  • Crew Meals starts Monday evening with dinner and concludes on Thursday morning with breakfast. The general schedule for Crew Meals is as follows:

    • Monday: dinner

    • Tuesday: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

    • Wednesday: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

    • Thursday: breakfast


  • There will be a rotating schedule of responsibilities for Prep, Cook, and Serve/Clean for each meal. Each team member should expect to be volunteering for an average of 6 hours each day during set-up week (the bulk of those hours being on Tuesday and Wednesday). 


  • There will be a few pre-festival Zoom calls for the team to meet and connect, go over the schedule, menu, and responsibilities, and ask any questions!

  • Once the Festival begins...Enjoy!   



Sounds great. What are the next steps?

If you have read this page in its entirety and understand what is expected, the next step is to fill out the 2024 Kitchen Team Volunteer Form.

​Thank you for your consideration in volunteering at BREATHE as a member of the Kitchen Volunteer Team!  We are reviewing applications in real-time as they arrive and aim to provide a response to you within a 1-2 week timeframe.


If you have any questions about this team or volunteer opportunity, please reach out to Alex Riewer, the committee’s director, at

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