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How much time will I be asked to serve?
Attending Full Festival: 9 Hours
Attending 2 Days of Festival: 6 Hours
Is there a discounted ticket for volunteers?
YES – A Non-Refundable $50 Facilities Ticket

Volunteers will receive a link to purchase a $50 Facilities Ticket to the festival. This is a Full Event Pass. The $50 Facilities Ticket and any extra donation helps to keep the festival financially stable, while helping to grow and accommodate all parts of BREATHE. If $50 does not align with your current financial situation please contact us and let us know.

What’s included as a volunteer?
Access to all classes
Parking in the overnight parking field
Volunteer Bag of Goodies


A volunteer receives camping and all classes on the schedule. Volunteers just like attendees will be responsible for bringing their own food and anything else needed to camp. There will be a community kitchen with basic cooking essentials such as grills, utensils, etc..

What are the shifts like? Do I need any prior experience?

There is no experience required to volunteer in most areas, in fact we urge all first time BREATHERS to volunteer. We have heard so many stories where people had the most connection with new people through their volunteer time.


Each volunteer will be scheduled to one area. Depending on the area, each shift will look a little different. You can expect to help out with general tasks like selling raffle tickets, orienting guests at the front gate, keeping the community kitchen clean and tidy, sorting recyclables etc.


If you have any experience in the areas you are passionate about, elaborate as much as possible in the application, especially if you are applying to volunteer for Medical & Lifeguard, Fire Spinning, or for the Rigging - Activity - Installation volunteer position. Only volunteers with prior experience will be accepted for those areas.



Volunteer Categories
  • Front Gate

  • Trash, Recycling & Sustainability
  • Community Meal Tent - Food Management

  • Breathe Market and Raffle Booth Area

  • Medical Team & Lifeguard [Prior experience required, please be detailed in application]

  • Volunteer Operations

  • Peace Holders

  • Space Holders - Venue & Workshop Oversight

  • Fire Spinning Supervisors

  • Rigging & Activities - Separate Application Form Here

  • Healing Arts Tent- Services include but not limited to Body Work, Reiki, Craniosacral, Energy Work, Talk Therapy

  • Set-up [Must be present on Wednesday, July 8th and have self-starter qualities]

  • Break-down [Must be able to be present all of Monday, July 13th and have self-starter qualities]

Prior experience is not always required. If you have expertise in any area please let us know so we can place you accordingly!

When is the deadline for applying and paying the deposit?

July 1st, 2020


Volunteering is first come first serve, we expect most of our volunteer spots to be full by the end of May. The drop dead date for volunteering will be July 1st, 2020. All volunteers are expected to pay their $50 Facilities Ticket within 2 weeks of being approved to be a volunteer. We will not hold spots for anyone that has not paid.

Can I cancel?


We totally understand that life happens and that might prevent you from making it to Breathe. We urge you to let us know ASAP if something comes up.

When should I plan on arriving and checking in?

All volunteers are allowed to arrive starting Thursday, July 9th at 8 AM. The exception to this rule is anyone who is working an early morning shift on Thursday and anyone who is an approved for volunteer Set-Up. If you have any questions about this or are traveling with a group where your volunteer shifts vary- just send us an email and we will figure out a solution!

Is there an age requirement to volunteer?

​You must be 18 years old when you sign the waiver or be volunteering alongside your parent or legal guardian.

Can I refund / exchange a BREATHE ticket already purchased for a volunteer ticket?
Unfortunately not

You should be able to resell your already purchased ticket easily.


Sounds great. What are the next steps?

If you have read this page in its entirety and understand what is expected, the next step is to fill out the Volunteer Application Form


After filling out the form you will be contacted by Jac Switzer at with confirmation details.


Feel free to email Jac with any questions!

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