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The BREATHE Pulse!

What is a BREATHE Pulse?

A BREATHE Pulse will consist of offerings like webinars, podcasts, facebook live videos, online workshops and more.

Why are you offering these?

The grandfather event / festival that happens every summer in July has been the cornerstone to the BREATHE experience. This experience has brought with it the need to plug back in as much as possible throughout the year. Each BREATHE Pulse will be an opportunity for the Breathe community to learn together, grow together and be together.  

When & Where do these happen?

We will be promoting / offering a Breathe Pulse each month leading up to and after the festival in July. These could take place in an online format or in actual 3d reality in one of our local communities depending on who is hosting and what the topic is.

Who will be offering them?

You, We, Us, the Breathe Community of course. Let us know if you have an idea / offering / event you would like Breathe to create a Pulse around.

Where are the details for upcoming BREATHE Pulse's?

Details for each Breathe Pulse can be found on the upcoming pulse's page of our website here. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you hear about all our announcements as they happen.

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