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Art Installations

What is an art installation at BREATHE?
Your imagination is the only limit to what you can bring to Breathe as an art installation. From floating rooms created for relaxation and sound healing, pop-up art galleries, spaces for sharing stories and conversation, to massive LED light structures. The possibilities are literally endless!



What are the requirements for being an artist at BREATHE?

The parameters for this volunteer opportunity at Breathe are somewhat unique as the bulk of our work as a team will be completed prior to Festival-start. Here are the requirements to consider before applying:​
  • Arrive at Stable Studios, check in, setup camp, and be prepared to start working no later than 9 am Tuesday, July 9th. This is to ensure you have enough time to fully setup your installation. As well as give us the time to help in any way we can to enhance your piece or space. You may arrive at Stable Studios any time after (but NOT BEFORE) 12pm Monday, July 8th. 
  • If you cannot make it onsite before the morning of the 10th, include a note in your arrival times and we will work with you to get you and your art to Breathe 2024!
  • Once you have arrived at Stable Studios, be prepared to be fully in charge of setup, care, and de-rig of your work. We ask that you plan on being entirely self sufficient as an artist at Breathe. That being said our team wants to assist you where ever we can to help. In addition to that if you are able to jump in with the rest of the Arts and Aesthetics crew for setup that would be an incredible help! We are an entirely volunteer run festival. This means everything we build we build together, and would love it if you as one of our artist would like to help. 
  • Once the Festival begins...Enjoy!  While work activities will be significantly reduced during the Festival, it will be the responsibility of the artists to maintain their work. This may include turning on or shutting off any lighting or sound aspects that may be included at the appropriate times. 
  • Festival takedown takes place Sunday, July 174h Artists are highly encouraged to camp Sunday night at Stable Studios after the Festival concludes and help take down Monday.


What are the dates and location of the festival?
July 11th - July 14th, 2024
Spencer, Indiana at Stable Studios

Are there any costs associated with being an artist?
YES – A Non-Refundable $100 Facilities Ticket
Why are we asking for $100 from our facilitators?
We are a 100% volunteer run festival. The only payment requested of artists, teachers, presenters and volunteers is a facilities and camping ticket of $100 for the full weekend. The vast majority of people attending BREATHE are not ticket holders. The vast majority of people at BREATHE are composed of volunteer organizers, volunteer crew, on-site volunteers and teachers. We wouldn't have this any other way, as this foundation is what made BREATHE the influential experience it is. This modest charge goes towards supporting the festival's infrastructure, which includes water supply, bathroom facilities, ground services and equipment rental. It enables us to make sure you have a safe and comfortable environment while you navigate your experiential teaching and learning.
If $100 does not align with your current financial situation please do not hesitate in letting us know.

What do I get from bringing an art installation / experience to BREATHE?

The Jelly of course!

Through the self-less service of sharing our passions as artists we build confidence, initiative, and connection. As we experience Breathe we gain new perspectives, inspiration and sparks to take with us on our journey. As the butterfly effect takes hold, we as students, teachers and artists alike join together illuminating a path towards greater purpose.
Through physical practices we challenge our own belief system of what our bodies are capable of. These physical practices prime our bodies so we can more fully receive, absorb, and integrate the intellectual and spiritual spectrum’s of Breathe.
Through giving and receiving, without expectation we understand all is connected and that the human spirit is THE JELLY that forms a lasting meaningful connection between all of us here at Breathe. This spirit manifests itself in everything we see, feel, touch, taste and hear at Breathe.

When is the deadline to submit?

May 1st, 2024

How do I get in touch?

Reach out to Mark Thompson to share your ideas and take the next steps. You can email us here:

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