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Namaste BREATHE Family



For those of you who I haven’t met yet, I am Rachel Sherron Matrejek. I teach yoga at BREATHE as well as coordinate the yoga programming. Over the past few years of the festival I have taught gentle yoga, the yoga of touch, and of course my FAVORITE class - Bob Marley Flow. That group hug during Redemption Song was EPIC - amirite!


What I love most about BREATHE is that there is a feeling of warmth and acceptance toward all people. This community is a safe haven of creativity, love, and support. If you are open to receiving, we are open to giving!


This year, I am excited to not only create my own class offerings, but to curate a schedule of bad ass teachers to bring you heart opening and inspiring classes all weekend long!

If you are interested in teaching a Yoga class at this year's BREATHE please submit your workshop once the 2024 workshop submission form goes live!

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