Fire & Flow




Hello, My name is Lorin De Spirito and I am the Fire and Flow director. Below, you’ll find what fire and flow means to us alongside our values. I look forward to flowing with you at BREATHE Festival!




Fire has always been a powerful element for humans. At BREATHE Festival, you can learn to safely enjoy fire’s captivating power.


Flow is a state of total immersion in the present moment. Learn to flow with us at BREATHE using various flow props like poi, hula-hoops, the rope dart, juggling, and Aerial Arts.


VALUES - Cultivation, Respect, Value, Share, Ignite


We cultivate a safe, welcoming, humble environment where we honor everyone. 


We respect our community - inside and outside of BREATHE.


We value imaginative creation and non-competitive play.


We share the transformative power of fire and flow arts with everyone who is interested. 

We ignite joy, wonder, and awe.