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Pond scene at Breathe

Our Mission

Discover your purpose. Awaken our world.

We as the BREATHE Community believe every individual has a higher purpose. Alongside Mother Nature we manifest an environment for each individual to discover that higher purpose, write their own story, and achieve their highest potential.


We as the Breathe Community foster an environment filled with belonging, compassion and love. Through acceptance and respect for all cultural backgrounds, religions and associations, we dissolve the barriers between the seen and the un-seen revealing a community that is whole, inter-connected and free.


The Jelly

We as the Breathe Community are anchored by the balancing of mind, body, and human spirit.



Through the selfless service of sharing our passions as teachers we build confidence, initiative, and connection. As students we gain new perspectives, inspiration and sparks to take with us on our journey. As the butterfly effect takes hold, we as students and teachers alike join together illuminating a path towards greater purpose.


Through physical practices we challenge our own belief system of what our bodies are capable of. These physical practices prime our bodies so we can more fully receive, absorb and integrate the intellectual & spiritual spectrums of Breathe.

Human Spirit

Through giving and receiving without expectation we understand all is connected and that the human spirit is the Jelly that forms a lasting meaningful connection between all of us here at Breathe. This spirit manifests itself in everything we see, feel, touch, taste and hear at Breathe.

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