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The BREATHE Slackline Experience

When it comes to slacklining, you have come to the right place. Over the few days plan on walking slacklines until your feet hurt! The slackline community at BREATHE is second to none! We welcome all you slackers to the BREATHE FAMILY.

Hey BREATHERS! Are you ready? The sport of slacklining will be changed forever this year at BREATHE. As a family we all are working to create the most ideal dream land for slackliners. Expect your waterline game pressed to the limits. The longline field of dreams is waiting for you. Prepare for jungle gyms made of slacklines to make you feel like a kid again. With the help of Rocky Mountain Slackline you can prepare for another Jelly Net Creation!


No experience in slacklining? NO PROBLEM. The slackline program will encompass all ages & skill levels! Were aiming to bring diverse slackers together from all over the world. This year the workshop curriculum is made to help you progress, improve your practice and take slacklining to all new levels.

  • Challenge your slackline perspective

  • Push your mental & physical barriers

  • Instruction for kids, beginners and seasoned practitioners

  • Connect with incredible individuals who are evolving the sport


And guess what? This is because of you! Together at BREATHE we make magical things happen. Together we redefine slacklining. All this credit goes to individuals like yourself. I don’t think anybody completely understands what happens at BREATHE. This is the grand daddy slackline event of em’ all! And you are apart of it. Your wildest slackline dreams are about to come true. We truly cannot wait to see you!

Slackline Parks
Beginner Parks
Long Lines
Water Lines
Rodeo Lines
Long Lines
Space Lines

High Lines
& More!!!

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