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BREATHE Workshop

Workshop & Performances

Workshop and performance submissions are now open for Breathe 2024. 

The passion of the BREATHE community shines brightly within our diverse array of workshop offerings. As the BREATHE community is passionate about endless spectrums of the human existence, our workshop schedule across 3 days has become almost indescribable to people who have not been. From oracle card readings to medicinal plant walks to story time for kid classes - there is truly something for everyone at the festival. We can’t wait to see what you all offer this year!

Important information to review before submitting a workshop or performance.

Upon arrival on-site you'll be asked to provide the front gate with your i.d. and ticket confirmation via PDF or Mobile.
Before submitting a workshop it is mandatory to read and agree to our:


Code of Conduct

Helpful Tips to Submitting a Successful Workshop

Call to Action from our Diversity Committee
One of our core philosophies at BREATHE is to celebrate the characteristics that make our attendees unique, and we recognize that our differences make us stronger. We actively seek to diversify our community to ensure that many different opinions and beliefs are part of and enrich our discovery journey. 
Therefore, we are calling for workshop facilitators and instructors that can help us amplify the voices outside our bubbles. We’re looking for people with diverse backgrounds and people with diverse mindsets to share their journeys and expertise.

Read more about diversity at Breathe.
What are the dates and location of the festival?

July 11th - July 14th, 2024
Spencer, Indiana at Stable Studios

Front Gate Hours For Arrival. All arrivals must be during Front Gate Hours.


Thursday: 12 pm until 8pm
Friday: 8am until 8pm
Saturday: 8am until 8pm
Sunday: 8am until 12pm

Are there any costs associated with being a teacher / facilitator?


$100 Facilities Ticket

*Kids 12 & under receive free entry.

Why are we asking for $100 from our facilitators?

This $100 facilities ticket allows Breathe to remain financially solvent while rewarding facilitators for their hard work and contribution to the Breathe community.  Proceeds from the facilities ticket go towards covering Breathe's fixed costs such as; venue rental, tent rentals, bathroom rentals, insurance etc... A portion of the proceeds also goes toward purchasing the included Breathe tee for each facilitator. Upon acceptance, Volunteers will receive a link to purchase a Facilities Ticket. This is a Full Event Pass. If purchasing a $100 Facilities Ticket doesn’t align with your current financial situation, please see our Flow it Forward initiative for assistance. 

What do I get from facilitating a workshop / experience at BREATHE?
The Jelly of course!

Through the self-less service of sharing our passions as teachers we build confidence, initiative, and connection. As students we gain new perspectives, inspiration and sparks to take with us on our journey. As the butterfly effect takes hold, we as students and teachers alike join together illuminating a path towards greater purpose.
Through physical practices we challenge our own belief system of what our bodies are capable of. These physical practices prime our bodies so we can more fully receive, absorb, and integrate the intellectual and spiritual spectrum’s of Breathe.
Through giving and receiving, without expectation we understand all is connected and that the human spirit is THE JELLY that forms a lasting meaningful connection between all of us here at Breathe. This spirit manifests itself in everything we see, feel, touch, taste and hear at Breathe.
When is the deadline to submit?

May 15th, 2024

We will be gathering submissions until May 15th, 2024. If you are interested in submitting a workshop after May 15th, please e-mail Danette at to discuss availability. Don't ever hesitate in reaching out to us with any additional questions or thoughts.



For any questions, please reach out to Danette at
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