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BREATHE Presents
The 2016 POUDRE Highline Gathering
October 22nd - 23rd, 2016
Rocky Mountains - Poudre Canyon - Fort Collins, Colorado

Recap Video 2016 by Perspective View Aerial

Nestled inside the Rocky Mountains and 30 minutes outside Fort Collins, CO lives The Palace inside the Poudre Canyon. The Palace is a famous rock climbing crag known for its Citadel Spire and newly established highlines.

The Breathe family gathered at The Palace on October 22 & 23 weekend to highline and celebrate love, life and the pursuit of slack at the POUDRE Highline Gathering!

Breathe hosted an After Party Saturday night at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre from 6pm to Midnight. Entry was $15. Check out the video above from this lofty event!
Here’s what's going down when it comes to
The 2016 Poudre Canyon Gathering & After Party
  • HIGHLINING AT THE PALACE: The Palace of Poudre Canyon, CO offers a wide variety of gaps allowing for lines ranging from 40-500 feet, adaptable for all skill levels. We invite all to come hangout, slackline and climb at this gathering of slackers.

  • THE PARTY - MISHAWAKA AMPHITHEATRE- $15 Entry: Join our official party at the Mishawaka. We will have music, slackline films, gear/apparel raffle, and an atmosphere to connect with the BREATHE family. Food and beer will be available for purchase. Credit cards will not be accepted at the door of the Mishawaka. There is an ATM on-site. Please bring cash for entry, raffle and t-shirts. Raffle tickets are $1

  • RIVERSIDE CAMPING: Following the Mishawaka party stay the night at the riverside campground Ansel Watrous. Ansel Watrous is within walking distance of the Mishawaka Amphitheatre (.7 miles) . The Breathe Slackers will be staying here.  NOTE: Camping is first come, first serve. Please plan on setting up your campsite at Ansel Watrous Saturday morning. Campsites cost $14.75 and allow 8 people per site. You must pay via Cash for your campground reservation. Do not park along Hwy 14 - You will get towed.

  • ALTERNATE CAMPING: Worst case scenario if Ansel Watrous is filled there is free camping available 28 minutes away at Pingree Park Road (Located 15.5 miles up the canyon West on Hwy 14)

  • MORNING MINDFULNESS: Join us Sunday morning as we begin the day with a group meditation and Yoga class at the campground before caravaning to The Palace for the final day of Highline Slacklining.

  • PURCHASE TICKETS: The Highline Gathering at the Palace is Free. Tickets to the after party are $15 and are available through the Breathe website and Facebook page. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door as well via Cash only. There is an ATM on-site. Camping reservations will be handled at the Ansel Watrous Campground - First come, first serve. You must pay in cash for your camping reservation. Camping at Answel Watrous is $14.75 (See details above) Raffle Tickets are $1

  • GETTING TO THE PALACE: The Palace is about 15 miles up the Poudre Canyon from Ted's Place (where CO Highway 14 turns off of CO 287), just past Mishawaka and the tunnel. The palace is a short approach that requires crossing the Poudre River. Bring some sandals and a towel for the adventure.

  • PARKING: Since parking is limited, please plan on parking at the Mishawaka and caravaning with friends to the Palace. If driving, past the rock tunnel, park in the second pullout on the right. It's important that the parking area can still be used as a slow-vehicle turnout. This requires parallel parking around the edge, even though diagonal parking might accommodate more vehicles. If there isn't room, please park in the first pull out next to the tunnel.


    Any and all weather conditions!

    Bring Highline Gear if you plan on rigging lines for the gathering.

    Bring warm clothes just in case.

    Towel /sandals (for crossing the river)

    Stoke & Climbing gear if you want to climb

    Food for Fuel!!!!!

    Cash Only for Mishawaka After Party Entrance, T-Shirts, Raffle Tickets & Camping Reservations

    Know your camping situation options.

    Don’t Forget to purchase your campsite Saturday Morning! First come, first serve at Ansel Watrous.

    Disclaimer: Highlining at Poudre Canyon is not a sponsored event.  The highline gathering is a group of individuals coming together at the Poudre Canyon, CO to perform the activity of highlining.  In no way is any corporation, group or individual responsible for the organization or management of the event, or liable for the risks that pertain to any of the highlining activities that take place in Poudre Canyon, CO.  Anyone who participates in this activity is there under their own free will and hold complete responsibility for his or her own safety.

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