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BREATHE July 12-15, 2018

Stable Studios, Spencer, Indiana

BREATHE with us!

This 3-day festival held on 50 acres of Midwest farmland is the manifestation of a dream to create a collaborative community of like-minded individuals who value balance, mindfulness and fostering a creative lifestyle. It serves to promote a deeper connection to the self, both spiritually & physically, to others and to the environment.


This transformational festival offers a multitude of opportunities to engage in self-discovery through slacklining, yoga, inspirational talks, drumming, art, music, community, camping, nature and more!


The venue boasts a large pond for swimming and waterlines, a vast open field for longlines, 4 slackline parks, large forest with trails and an open-air yoga barn! Make sure to check out all the tabs underneath the Experience page to get a glimpse of what you can expect to see at BREATHE.

Getting to Breathe

BREATHE will be held at:
2034 Dubois Road,
Spencer, Indiana 47460
This is a 3.5 hour drive straight south of Chicago.


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