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Breathe 2024 has officially LAUNCHED!


Come BREATHE with us! 

July 11th - 14th, 2024

Stable Studios, Spencer, IN

The Breathe 2024 Schedule is here!

 Explore the wide range of topics and workshops that our incredibly skilled community brings.

Breathe is a container to encourage community reliance, conscious consumerism, and delight in the generosity of and to others. It is within this container that creativity can expand through simple and complex problem solving regarding living in coherence with nature and one another. Breathe fosters an environment where an alignment of vision and values, not status or affluency,  bears meaningful influence over our actions. Breathers contribute to the container through gifting their presence, their skills, their physical energy and where possible, their financial energy, to bestow care and joy to one another.


Within the Breathe container, we commit to:

Teaching and Learning: Emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences, fostering an environment where everyone can learn from each other.

Gifting and Reciprocity: Encouraging giving without expectation and supporting the flow of generosity within the community.

Collaboration and Co-creation: Fostering collaborative efforts and co-creation among participants to enhance the festival experience and outcomes.

Transformation and Impact: Inspiring participants to take their insights and experiences from the festival into their wider communities to create positive change.


Our Mission

Discover your purpose.

Awaken our world.

We as the BREATHE Community believe every individual has a higher purpose. Alongside Mother Nature we manifest an environment for each individual to discover that higher purpose, write their own story, and achieve their highest potential.

An Introduction to BREATHE

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