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Rocky Mountain Slackline changed my life forever...

Around 5 years ago at the age of 28 i stumbled across slacklining. My discovery of the slackline ushered in a staggering shift in my life. As i write these words i can’t hold back the tears streaming down my face. My jaws are trembling and the meaning of life is more apparent than it has ever been. After purchasing my first slackline and practicing non-stop i understood immediately the impact it was having. For me, the slackline unified years of personal studies in yoga, endless hours in meditation, my search for freedom and creativity in the festival scene, my quest for understanding the sacred scientific discoveries unifying religion & science and how the human form experiences both. How could i not share this passion & knowledge with the community of Chicago! I jumped online and searched for everything slackline related. ROCKY MOUNTAIN SLACKLINE came across my path. As i explored their website i came to realize that RMS was integrating slacklining into their local community in the exact way i wanted to impact my community.

After a few weeks of hesitation and anxiousness i called the number on the website in hopes of reaching Dakota Collins the founder of RMS. Ring…..Ring…. This is Dakota Hey Dakota, I’m Mike from Chicago… This one simple phone call has led me to realize my life’s purpose & my life’s work. Through the years the bond that has grown between the RMS Crew and myself is one i know i’ve carried with me in previous lives and will continue on with well after i’m burned away from this earth. Dakota and his crew have taken me in, guided me, taught me and made me one of their own. This deep friendship has not only been extended to myself but to everyone who comes in contact with the RMS crew. I’ve seen it first hand and i’ve seen it infused and instilled as the heartbeat that makes up the Breathe Community. The #jellynet RMS rigged over the pond this year became the heartbeat of the festival. The construction of the #jellynet provided a playground where the entire Breathe community came together and experienced the joy of life at it’s fullest. The practice of slacklining is powerful in that it forces you to turn inward. As you travel inward you soon discover the thread of life that binds us all. In this simple analogy i have come to understand the impact of the #jellynet. We all walk our own unique paths, and when those paths meet, support, and allow a creative tribal communal space to unfold like the #jellynet does; truly remarkable positive ripples will happen. Here’s to you Rocky Mountain Slackline. Here’s to lifetimes over and over of creative collaboration, friendship, support, hugs, love, tears and struggles. I will move mountains for you, as you are moving mountains for so many in the slacklining and Breathe communities. Sure Does!

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