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Breathe Festival 2015: A Quick Reflection

Gabe has been instrumental in all facets of Breathe. In February of 2016 he posted an article on the Slackline U.S.'s website about his personal experiences at Breathe Year 2. Here is a link to that article.

We are thankful to California for sending us another one of their brightest lights. Gabe has been integral in giving a voice to BREATHE in the Chicago community along with writing beautiful copy for the website and other BREATHE collateral. Gabe is always the coolest & calmest voice in the room. Whenever we need a rock to hold onto we all reach for Gabe. He also flexes his muscles when it comes to overall BREATHE management and guidance. All the love in the world goes out to Gabe for ALWAYS being there no matter what with a helping hand and guiding light.

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