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1 on 1 Guided Meditations!


A NOTE FROM Brooke...


Sessions will be 30 minutes long with a mixture of wellness coaching applications, meditation, asanas, san culpas, and pranayamas. Whatever is best for you will be implemented into the session. Are you ready to go on an adventure inward?

Brooke will be signing people up before and on-site during the festival. Email Brooke today to secure your spot. 


I suppose I ought to talk a little about myself. As an Integrative Health Care and Wellness Coaching student, I study the complexity of health and wellness as a sacred and sentient being. Meditation is one contributive piece that has brought health and happiness. Intentional meditation practice has brought me inner peace for approximately four years. Wisdom beyond my chronological age has been gifted to me due to this inner exploration. Whatever you are looking to find, lose, or maintain in meditation, it would be an honor to be a guide for whatever journey you intend to embark upon. Much love & see you soon.


Brooke Kollman

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