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The BREATHE Giving Tree

The Giving Tree allows the flow of financial energy from one community member to another so that those that have an abundance of financial energy can give to those that need receiving.

Give in amounts of $25, $50 or $100

TOTAL AMOUNT GIVEN: $1390 as of June 11th

Receive a gift card in amounts of $25, $50 or $100

TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED: $900 as of June 11th

So... how does it work?


Life is challenging! We work hard to provide the resources we need to flourish in life, but sometimes events outside of our control make our resources scarce. At BREATHE, community health is important to us. As we say in our values "We strive to dissolve barriers between the seen and the un-seen revealing a community that is whole, inter-connected and free"... and right now, we see the financial barriers around many of you are getting bigger and need some help in dissolving them.


BREATHERS who need some financial support can make a request for a gift card that best supports their needs. Running out of food? get an ALDI gift card. Need to pay your electricity? how about a ComEd gift card. Need some community connection? looks like an ISHA gift card is for you. Simply fill out the google form with the gift card type and amount you need and click send. It's that easy.


In parallel, BREATHERS that have a little financial energy to give can make a gift card donation through PayPal to support these requests. Pick the amount you'd like to contribute towards a gift card and send!


The BREATHE crew will take care of the financial exchange. On a first-come-first-served basis, the BREATHE crew will use the funds from the BREATHE Giving Tree to buy and send the requested gift cards to the recipients. Gift cards will be sent as soon as the financial energy becomes available and will be delivered via e-mail.


We know your situation may require more than one gift card to get through these tough times. We kindly ask that you allow about a week between requests so that we can spread the financial support throughout the community.


So, let's start filling the BREATHE Giving Tree with fruit and sharing it out to our community!

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