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The BREATHE Gear Swap


This year on Sunday there will be an “Agora” of sorts at BREATHE! The BREATHE Gear Swap will be a place to gather, trade & barter for used equipment / gear. Getting the right gear at the right price is a never ending quest. The Gear Swap will be a place for that to happen.


We all know how expensive gear can be. We have all probably spent more than we are wanting to admit on adventure gear. Let’s make it easier on ourselves to get the gear we need for our next adventure. Everyone has an extra piece of webbing, tent, or even carabiner that they can trade for something else.


  1. Help support everyone’s adventures going forward from BREATHE

  2. Help outfit newcomers to BREATHE with equipment at a reasonable price

  3. Keep it in the BREATHE Family


The goal is to have little to no money exchanged. That being said we are limiting the exchange of funds to be exclusively on PayPal & Venmo. NO CASH / Trading is highly encouraged. The Gear Swap will take place on Sunday.


If you have something you would like to bring for the Gear Swap please email Will Baker so he can add your gear to the list of whats up for grabs. There will also be a list anyone can add to that will reside at the Raffle Booth for gear they would like to swap. We are opening up the Gear Swap to any kind of outdoor / adventure equipment such as but not limited to:

  • Slackline

  • Camping

  • Paddle equipment

  • Clothing

  • Climbing

  • Biking

  • Poi

  • Yoga

  • Instruments

  • Gems

  • Art/Crafts


Will Baker

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