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BREATHE 2023 Open Roles


Discover your purpose. Awaken our world.

We as the BREATHE Community believe every individual has a higher purpose. Alongside Mother Nature we manifest an environment for each individual to discover that higher purpose, write their own story, and achieve their highest potential.

As the Breathe universe continues to evolve we've found ourselves with several opportunities that will allow folks to serve the Breathe community in a massive way. These roles are essential in propelling the Breathe spaceship up up and away.


Don't see the role you're looking for? Drop us a line anyway! We're eager to hear how you'd like to get involved. 


Front Gate Coordinator:

The Front Gate Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all front gate operations at Breathe. This includes: Curating a welcoming entrance experience, ensuring all entrants to the festival are ticketed and have waivers on file, Scheduling and managing volunteer shifts for front gate staffing, managing a parking shuttle system, and managing the Vanlife camping area.

Volunteer Coordinator:

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all volunteer operations at Breathe. This includes: managing incoming applications pre fest, interviewing applicants, working with directors to accommodate their volunteer needs, creating and overseeing volunteer work schedules onsite. 


*Disclaimer: This is one of, if not the most, demanding roles within Breathe. The ideal person for this role has the bandwidth for up to 10 hours/week leading up to the festival in July. During the fest this person should plan on being busy sunup to sundown for the whole week.



Rigging & Activity Setup Director:

The Rigging Director will lead, facilitate, and empower the Rigging Committee in crafting a vision for planning, and executing all aspects related to rigging, rope-access safety programs, and slackline-activity setup at Breathe. This includes: coordinating with the Rigging Committee, festival organizers, and external resources/service providers to craft the rigging plan for 2023.


*Disclaimer: This is a time intensive position with 1 - 3 hours weekly leading up to the festival in July. Expect full engagement onsite for the entire week+ of setup, the fest, and breakdown. The rigging director is lucky to catch more than a few hours of sleep each night at Breathe.


Diversity & Inclusion Director: 

The Diversity & Inclusion director will be responsible for creating a culture of belongingness within Breathe. This person will be an action oriented advocate to assist the Breathe community in efforts related to increasing diversity and accessibility. This includes working across all teams within Breathe to create and implement initiatives that foster inclusivity throughout organization.   

Music Director:

The Music Director is responsible for overseeing all music and sound production operations at Breathe. This includes: sourcing and scheduling audio engineer techs, stage design and management, sourcing, scheduling and assisting music talent and acts, and working directly with the audio/tech/visual committee to ensure musicians and stages have sufficient sound and power.

Fire & Flow Director:

The Fire & Flow Director is responsible for managing and curating all fire and flow arts that take place during Breathe. This includes: scheduling, managing, and mitigating risk during all fire circles. The ideal person for this role has a strong passion and demonstrated understanding for running large scale fire circles. 

Interested in applying?

But don't sleep on it! Deadline for applications is February 17th


We'd love to hear from you! Please visit the link above to fill out the Application form

Reach out to with any questions!

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