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Now through May 24th, 2020

Welcome to the BREATHE BioBlitiz!

A month-long nature scavenger hunt brought to you by the BREATHE Sustainability Committee. Every week we’ll be announcing a category of wildlife for you to search for in your community and every week you participate, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win awesome prizes!

To participate in the BREATHE BioBlitz, create an account on the iNaturalist app or visit the iNaturalist website. Under projects, search for the BREATHE BioBlitz and click “Join”. Once you’ve joined the project, all the observations you log in the next month will automatically be shared in the BioBlitz


To record an observation, go to the “Observe” tab. Take a picture of what you’re trying to observe/identify or select a picture from your camera roll then click “Next.” iNaturalist will give you suggestions for a possible identification. Feel free to explore your options and make your best guess, but don’t stress about needing to be right. Once you press “Share”, your observation will be shared with the BREATHE BioBlitz and the iNaturalist community!


Here are your weekly BREATHE BioBlitz categories and what you can win by participating!


Week 1 (April 27- May 3)

Flowers! From daffodils to dandelions.

Giveaway! BREATHE buff, tshirt, and stickers


Week 2 (May 4-10)

Trees! Beautiful bark, leaves, and canopy. 

Giveaway! A virtual personal yoga lesson with BREATHE yoga teacher Sarah Lemley


Week 3 (May 11-17)

Birds and Bugs! The bugs in your house and the feathers you find on the ground count. 

Giveaway! Waste Less Kitchen Starter Kit from Mint Refillery (1 dish soap bar and holder, 3 ‘unpaper’ towels, 1 upcycled sponge)


Week 4 (May 18-24)

Mosses, fungi, and succulents! Show us your local mushrooms and cacti. 

Giveaway! Slackline 


**Every observation you log counts as one entry to the raffle for that week, winners will be contacted through iNaturalist, so please enable email notifications**


We hope you’ll use the next month of the BREATHE BioBlitz as an opportunity to connect to your local environment and your fellow Breathers! Have questions? Email us today at

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